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The global economic shutdown of 2020 made the average person a lot poorer £ for £. With everyone at home food and utility bills soared. In other to reel in the cost budgeting became a focus of most house hold.

Here at The Cake Engineer HQ our focus was no different. We want to help our customers celebrate and  have fun without breaking the bank or the budget.

Here are 4 simple step to follow to aid you in your quest.

1)Set a budget

This seems like a no brainer. Do not skip this step, if you do you will most likely overspend. There are budgeting app to help you keep track of your spending.

2)Take Inventory and make a list

Before you run off to spend money, check what is lurking in the cupboard.

Candles,Balloons,Cups,Napkins, Cutlery and plates all come in packs. Use up what you have before buy any more. Don’t be afraid to ask Family and Friends for certain items that you can return. Eg Garden chairs, large picnic table, a Bigger BQ grill etc. Then make a list of what you need to purchase.

3)Spread the cost

Most celebration are not a surprise. Birthday and Anniversaries are the same day every year. You have time to spread the cost to ease your pocket. Look at your list and find what is on offer that month and purchase it. It is always a shock when I get a last minute orders. Some small business charge a rush fee for any other placed 3 days prior and that depends on

what is required. Any unrealistic demands will not be turned away.

4)Replace disposable items with non disposable.

Yes,I heard you say no way but it’s so convenient. Well, hear me out. You are literally throwing money in the bin.That convinces is costing you. 

Purchasing a hardwearing PVC wipe clean or a fabric table cloth that can be used time and time again will save you money and is Eco friendly.

Not only are you saving your pocket and the environment, this setup adds a touch of sophistication to your party.

Bonus Tip:

For gift ideals for kids From Christmas to Birthdays. Invest more in an experience or something practical just not another Toy.

  • Membership or day passes
  • Wild places (Zoo)
  • Puxton park
  • Noah’s Ark Farm
  • Alton tower
  • Legoland

Subscription boxes

With a one off purchase or 3, 6 or 12 month plan. You can always find something that will keep them excited every month.

  • Little cooks co
  • Toucan
  • Kiwi co
  • MEL science
  • Mud & Bloom Check out All subscription boxes UK
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