Refunds & Shipping Policy

Refund & Cancellations Policy

  • All orders can be cancelled 48 hours before it is due. If this is not done, there will be no refund issued
  • No refund will be issued based on preference of taste or texture
  • Where design decisions are left to The Cake Engineer Clevedon no refunds will be given for a difference in design tastes
  • The Cake Engineer Clevedon is not liable for any complaint concerning any aspect of any product which is not raised within 24 hours of delivery or collection
  • Specific design requests should always be stated at the time of ordering, no further changes can be made prior to the event
  • If you are dissatisfied with the cake, we allow for it to be returned to us within 24 hours of complaint. If more than 50% of the cake has been consumed, customer will receive 10% compensation of the cake value (minus delivery or any other extra charge). If the cake is returned in an almost untouched condition a value will be agreed upon by both parties (minus delivery or any other extra charge.


Cake Transportation & Liability

  • Cakes should be transported on as flat a surface as possible (NOT the car seat, NOT to be held by a person)
  • Use of Air conditioning is recommended especially on hot and sunny days
  • Once the cake is handed over, the customer is responsible for ensuring the cake is transported and stored correctly once it has been collected
  • The Cake Engineer Clevedon cannot accept any responsibility for deterioration of the order once it has left the premises